Printed Voice

Founded in 1992, The Printed Voice has become a premier publisher of books that tell us how to live in a new way, through helping authors connect directly with their readers via the Internet.

A message from the president:

“I started the Printed Voice because I was passionate about helping authors get their work into the world, and I saw them being neglected, abused or ignored by major publishers. Since that time, this tendency has only increased.”

In my view the author is the most important person in the publishing company, the creative source from which all success and income flow. My goal is to connect with the author early in the process and help them connect with their vision and their audience, working as a team with us. I don’t believe the author has to be an expert in marketing in order to qualify to be published. I work together with authors to create a marketing platform that works to connect the author and the audience.


A recent quote from a customer:

“Every time I buy another book from you, my life gets better!”

- Casey Morrigan

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