Microsoft Word for Writers

65 pages. E-book. PDF. $29.95

If you are a writer using Microsoft Word, you need this book.  Have you been wasting time trying to find where the function is in the new Word? Have you been struggling to get Word to do the thing you are trying to do (or stop doing what you don’t want?) The information in this book will allow you to spend all your time writing and zero time administering your Word program. This simple handbook provides everything you need to learn exactly how to:

  • Always find your files quickly and easily by naming them correctly
  • Always use the most recent version so you don’t end up with two slightly different versions to compare
  • Never lose any material by learning simple ways to back up your writing easily
  • Move quickly through large documents
  • Work easily with an editor
  • Prepare your manuscript for submission to an agent or for publication

Includes specific instructions for Mac or PC, and for every version of Word from 2000, on.

“Leslie Keenan’s guidelines on how to work with Microsoft Word were invaluable when I grappled with my five hundred page manuscript. Keenan’s tips on, for example, how to name and back-up files, how to quickly and efficiently combine numerous chapters into a single document, and how to create running heads, helped me prepare my novel for submission. Her instructions are easy to follow and I keep them on my desk for quick reference.”

- Pat Bracewell, novelist and former student

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Note—separate individualized sections also available for download. See list under “Other Products.”

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